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Warren Fahrenfeld

Warren Fahrenfeld began coaching men and women in fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding in 1994. As a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter already for four years, Warren took his passion and knowledge of developing and strengthening his own physique, and began sharing it with clients.

In 1996 Warren decided his passion to change people's physiques and health was going to be his full-time commitment. That is when Team Body By Warren (Team BBW) was born. With NASM, Apex, and Dot Fit certifications to his credit, Warren's business of transforming bodies began to boom.

To date, Team Body By Warren boasts 113 Pro Cards across four nationally recognized bodybuilding federations, plus many hundreds of overall wins and top five placings. Personally, he holds over 80 winning powerlifting competitions including 10 World titles in his weight class, and 10 National titles in his weight class.

Warren doesn't only transform bodies for the stage. His roster of "everyday men and women" looking to find a healthier and more fit lifestyle, runs many pages long. From brides-to-be, postpartum moms, teens, busy men and women, and everyone in between, Warren has developed relationships with long-term clients who trust his expertise and tenure in the fitness industry, to guide them to a healthier self.

"I'm your GPS. All you have to do is follow me".

-Warren Fahrenfeld

Stephanie DeNicola

Stephanie DeNicola-Fahrenfeld is no stranger to the stage. At the age of four she began dancing with a very prestigious dance school in Westchester County, NY, where she learned to love the art of dance and performance. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater and dance from Hofstra University, Stephanie decided to venture into the beauty world.

To date she credits 23 years of experience in the beauty industry where she has worked with celebrity makeup artists, top prestige beauty brands, and at New York Fashion week. From day looks to stage looks, Stephanie’s love of transforming the face is endless. In 2012 she decided to bring her knowledge of beauty to the bodybuilding world. It’s all about the transformation!

With dance and fitness always a huge part of Stephanie’s life, she still felt there was a missing piece. “I had the right ingredients, but not the right recipe” says Stephanie, referring to the fact that she didn’t feel she was in the fit shape could be achieving with the effort she’d been putting in. Always looking for a new challenge and a high goal to set, Stephanie decided to compete in Women’s Figure Bodybuilding. “I wanted to set a really tough goal for myself, and attack my insecurities. If I could transform my body to get on that stage in a posing suit and heels, then goal accomplished.” Stephanie fell in love with the bodybuilding stage and is still competing today.

With her husband Warren Fahrenfeld, as her coach and biggest supporter, they together make up Team Body by Warren. They work synergistically to help each and every client meet their goals; whether it is in the bodybuilding world, or just to find a healthier self. From meal prep guidance, weekly check-ins, intermittent advice, posing, tanning, and makeup application for on-stage or off, Stephanie partners with Warren to ensure each client’s needs are addressed and met.

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